Hello world!

I’m starting over! I have a new blog here on WordPress instead of blogger (however I imported blog from Blogger so you can catch up) and I’m starting over in my health journey.

I started my journey in health back in 2010 or so.  I got a high cholesterol reading, realized I had gained some weight and it was time to make some changes. I started running and eating better. I lost weight, I had energy, confidence and felt amazing. I knew I would never go back to my old ways.

Cut to 2015, I’m the heaviest I have ever been, I struggle to fit workouts in, my eating habits are not so great, I’m tired, have very little confidence in myself and I’m knocking on the door of 30 years old.  I’m done. It’s time for change.

Recent photo in one of my favorite outfits.
Recent photo in one of my favorite outfits.

This blog is going to be covering my journey to living healthier. I don’t want to focus entirely on weight lost; I want to focus on healthy. I believe to be healthy you need to move each day and eat whole, clean foods in a most plant based diet. That’s it. I think “being healthy” sometimes can be too complicated and I’m far top busy for all that. I’m going to try to navigate the health world and keep it easy.

Please follow along and we can get healthy together!

Let’s do this!!


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